Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day we spend the morning at home baking cookies for Santa and getting our Christmas morning breakfast ready.  Baylor made the casserole all by himself.  Daddy was at work so we couldn't wait for him to get home.

Then we all got ready to head to Christmas Eve Service at church.

I love these handsome boys.

When we got home Parker and Cooper made sure they sprinkled our magic reindeer food all over the front lawn.  They wanted to make sure the entire ground was covered.

Then we headed to Mimi and Pop's house for Christmas Eve fun.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Mimi went to so mud work and made everything fantastic.  The food was so delicious.
Love them all.
Katie and Adam.

Sarah and Baylor.

Sharmin and Sweetie.

Daddy and Baylor.

Tina and Roshan.
Sawyer loved all of his food.
This Baskin Robbins ice cream cake was a hit.  It was so good!

Pop and his pal.

Baylor and Mecwan.
Thankful to have Mama there.  She has had a rough time lately, she seemed to enjoy herself tonight.  I love her so.

Family memories.

Lots of love.
Singing carols.

Sawyer was busy dancing.

Love that we use my Grandma's song books.

Sweet times.
Sawyer knows Uncle Joe is a good singer!
Little elf.
Checking out Santa's village.  He loves finding Ho Ho.
Playing with Roshan.
Then it was time to hurry home to get ready for Santa.  The boys all wanted to make sure they got to see Elfie one more time for the year.  They had the best season with him.  

Ready for Santa!

After the other boys went up to bed, Baylor stayed back and held onto Elfie one more time.  Makes me smile, the magic is alive in this boy.

Santa hadn't come yet, but Daddy had my pile all ready!  I was so excited!

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