Sunday, December 22, 2013

Parker Turns 4! Happy Birthday Parker!

It's hard to believe our little Christmas baby turned 4 today.  I love this picture from the hospital when the nurses brought him back after getting weighed and checked out one night in this stocking.  He was just the sweetest and most scrumptious little one.

Happy 4th Birthday.
He got up on Santa's lap and said, "Hey Santa, it's my birthday".  He wanted to see Santa one more time and thankfully we were the first people in line and did not have to wait long.  Once the line formed it got long quickly.

One last visit!

After Santa it was time for Build A Bear.  Elfie had brought all of the boys Santa cuddles to stuff earlier in the season and Park got to pick a special bear for his birthday too.

He picked a soft blue bear.

He was excited.

Washing his bear.

Yeah Parker.
Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and fun.
Our church was canceled because of flooding from all of the rain and we went early which was nice because it was not crowded.

They all had fun playing games with each other.

Big boys.

Getting lots of tickets with Daddy.

The birthday boy.

Park has some great cheese faces.

Sawyer decided he liked rides now too.  We played and played and then headed home to rest before more celebrating in the evening.

Parked picked breakfast for dinner on his birthday and wanted a TMNT cake.  Thankfully I was able to use the McDonald's toys and make a fun cake for him.

He was excited!

Park and his presents from Mommy and Daddy and Mimi and Pop.


He was so cute opening.  When he opened each present he was so excited and would say I love it or Just what I wanted.  It was so fun to watch him.
His new Jake coat and hat, he was making a pirate face.

Lots of turtle toys!
Just as we finished present the doorbell rang, some families at our church came to carol.  Parker was so thrilled and said how did they know it was my birthday:).  Baylor made cake pops earlier in the day with Mimi and we were able to pass them out to all of our caroling friends.

Smile at dinner.
Singing to our 4 year old boy.
Happy Birthday Parker Thomas!
We love you like crazy and our so thankful for you and the joy you bring to us all!

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