Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas with the Shadday's

We had a busy day with Parker's birthday party and tonight we had Christmas with my dad's family at Mimi and Pop's house.  All of the boys have always loved the North Pole villages at my parent's house.  It is so cute to watch Sawyer stare and look at each little house.  It's magical.

He really does a good job of not touching.

We had Kopper Kettle for dinner.  My aunt Ruth who lives in Louisana was in town and was able to come too.  It was special for my Grandpa to have all three of his children together.

Baylor got to sit with the adults.

My cousin Leah and Aunt Shery.  I loved talking with them!

Santa Coop.


I love that my boys get to know my grandparents.

Daddy and Baylor.

He was busy dancing.
We played charades and other games.  Parker loved acting out the movie and song titles.


Love him.

We also sing carols from my grandma's song books.  It makes me miss my grandma even more.  She had the most beautiful voice and loved singing with her family.  

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