Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Parker's Preschool Christmas Party

Today was Parker's preschool Christmas party.  He had helped me pack all of the supplies up the day before so he was excited for the party. The kids may two different foam crafts and then colored a wooden ornament.  They worked so hard.

Then we played three different games.  The benefit of being in charge of more than one classroom party is being able to use the games twice!  First up was pin the heart on the Grinch.  I had this big Grinch cut out from when I was a teacher and it worked great for the game.

Then we played Nutcracker ring toss.  Always a favorite.

Maybe a little too close there buddy.

Love him.

Then we played Santa's toy toss into his big red sack.

Parker's class.
For snack we had Christmas cookies, ice cream cups, and juice.

The kids all got a coloring book and a candy cane filled with candy.
Loved spending the morning with my soon to be four year old.

Baylor drew this for me tonight and I love it!

Coop got to go shopping for his brothers with Mimi and came home with a new Santa hat.  He had a great night!

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