Monday, December 16, 2013

Mom's Luncheon with Friends

I am so thankful for my mom.  She makes everything fun and works so hard to make others feel loved and appreciated.  She is such a special lady with such a sweet heart.  I feel blessed to call her my mom.  I am so lucky!

Today she hosted a tea at the Propyleaum for some of our friends.

These cute favors had a notepad, frame an a little house.

Mom and her best friend Tina.

Our group.

The desserts were fabulous!

All of these ladies are so special to me.  I am so blessed to call them friends and have them in my life.

I came home with this box of fruits from Jamie.  I may have eaten the whole box.

My mom brought us all some favorite things.  Here is our loot.  It was such a fun and special day!

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