Friday, December 6, 2013

Opening Night of Yuletide

Tonight was opening night of Yuletide Celebration.  We met for dinner at McCormick's and Schmitt before the show.  

Such handsome boys.  Daddy had to go to an opening gala for his new office but was able to meet us for dinner.

Chocolate box dessert.  It was full of chocolate mousse.

Seeing the reindeer before the show.

Love the big nutcracker.

So much fun!

Yuletide is one of our favorites!  Such a magical and fun show.

Love these boys.

Mimi and Pop with Coop and Baylor.

This was Joe's third year to be in the show.  The show was wonderful this year!  It was so good.

Proud parents.

It was fun for Katelyn and Joe to be in the show together this year.

The boys loved seeing Uncle Joe after the show.  
I can't wait to go back again!

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