Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Shopping and Dinner

He loves his Daddy!
Cooper was storing his fries in his pants.
Taking a "map" in the pack n plays.
He was taking a break.
Playing peek a boo in the stroller section.

Tonight the boys and I drove to Greenwood to meet Daddy at work. Baylor loves going to Daddy's work, you know he works with appraisals and the economy. How funny that little guy can be. We went to Babiesrus to check our travel systems for our new little one. We have had quite a selection of stroller but we are super hard on them and they look awful by the time the boys outgrow them. We are on the go so much and the stroller really does get used everyday. After trying out several we picked one and then checked out some other items we might need. After shopping we headed to Shallo's for dinner. It was yummy and the boys had a good time. Lucky for us it was noisy so we fit right in at the restaurant.

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d_freestone said...

Tom and I LOVED the pix of Coop storing fries in his pants! He is a hoot! Nothing like a new arrival to make your days busier than ever!