Friday, August 14, 2009


Mr. Cooper is quite funny these days. He is talking so much now and is quite animated. He has some funny names for words and is so cute when he says certain things. He loves animals and the sounds they make. When he talks about animals he always says poop right away like that is super important. He loves "MoMo", Pooh, and Choo-Choos. He calls all the characters of Pooh, Pooh. When we are on the interstate and see a big truck he always says, "choo-choo". He loves to sing and really likes "Old MacDonald" and "Jesus Loves Me". One of his favorite words is "me". He says it when he wants something or wants to be just like his brother. Lately we have been reading "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" but he insists they are horses not dinosaurs. On every page I point to the dinosaur and he says "no horse". Here are some of his words.
Munk= Gum
Mug= Gun
Nonuts= Donuts
MoMo= Elmo
Pay= Play
Peese= Please
Map= Nap
Alk= Walk
Yum Yum= Popsicle
Int= In or up
Runt= Run

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