Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend with Mimi and Pop

An ice cream cone to try and cool off.
He had fun riding with Sarah.
Pop and his pal were riding partners.
Riding in the back.
They had so much fun!
Can you tell he was hot and tired? Both boys got a John Deere Gator. Thanks Mimi and Pop!
Trying out all the tractors.
Hi Mr. Cowboy.
Hi baby goat.
He loves animals.

While Tom and I were in Chicago Baylor and Cooper had a fantastic time with Mimi and Pop. This was the first time they have had both of them for the night let alone two nights. They both did great and had so much fun. Sarah spent the night too and they loved playing with her. On Saturday Mimi and Pop took the boys and Sarah to the State Fair. It was a hot day but they did it all. They saw all the animals, rode lots of rides, took a tractor ride, ate lots of food, and brought home prizes. Baylor said it was awesome. Thanks Mimi and Pop for watching the boys and loving them so.

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