Saturday, August 29, 2009

Symphony on the Prairie

On our way.
Coop found the chips and starting eating on the way to our spot.
Too cute!
On to his turkey.
I love him!
Having fun with dad!
They liked dancing and being up close to the music.
On the way back to the car they both rode in the wagon. It was a heavy load for dad!
Coop decided to try the other chips on the way back to the car. Do you notice a trend with Cooper's evening?

Tonight we went to Symphony on the Prairie. We have tried to go several times this summer but it always seems to rain on the night we want to go. Tonight was Glen Miller Big Band night and the music was great. We had a great Subway picnic and the boys thought it was fun to spread out on the blanket. There was a stage down in front with a spot for dancing and that was a big hit. There were some great swing dancers but I thought my boys were the best. It was chilly tonight but we had a fun time together. It was a great family day!

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