Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bug Fest

Dr. Baylor the bug man.
Chewing up his chocolate cricket.
Looking for treasures with his net.
"Me Do It"
Hugging the bee.
Looking at bugs in the microscope.
Digging through the compost for bugs.
Checking out the mole, just like the one who is in our yard.

Cooper wanted to hold the butterfly, but then got a little nervous.
One landed on Baylor's shirt.
What a great day!
After church and breakfast we headed home to go to the Bug Fest at Southeastway Park. Baylor was excited to go back to the park and take Daddy. There was a station to sign in where the kids got a checklist to take around to each station. There were 19 stations with lots for the kids to do. At each station they got the sheet signed to get a certificate at the end. The stations were lots of fun. There was a butterfly house, cricket spitting, bug cafe, craft station, and many more. Baylor actually ate a chocolate covered cricket. He was pretty brave and said it was good but crunchy. We arrived before the event started and never really had to wait at a station but by the time we were done it was packed. The weather was perfect for being outside and we had a fun time at a FREE event!

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