Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Pals Saturday

We started this Saturday the same as we start most by making pancakes. We never would have eaten if it were not for my two great cooking assistants! After breakfast we headed out for the day. We went to the bank and the dry cleaners before heading to Build-A-Bear, which was Baylor's prize for doing such a great job at swimming lessons! After that we grabbed lunch and headed to my office to eat and for me to get my stuff together for a conference. We had a special treat tonight. The boys were still asleep when I heard Brian Brown pull up in the Mustang - he was nice enough to drop it by since I had two cars at work. Brian and Kim were meeting up with Carl and Nicole for dinner tonight and asked if we wanted to go. We were happy to go with everyone. Baby Eli was handsome as ever. Baylor loved playing with Ms. Gabrielle Brown - he better watch out, I hear his dad is a tough guy! It was a fun night - we wish Mommy could have been there - we miss her. The boys are going to be excited to see her tomorrow - so will Daddy!

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