Friday, August 21, 2009

Ox Cart Boys

Red and Blue
Filling up the cart.
Petting Red.
Cooper was brushing Blue. It made me nervous because the oxen are over 2,ooo pounds.
Coop really liked the coat.
The baby pony's name was Sassy. The farmer said she gets in to trouble.
Look at that picture pose.
He was busy listening to Miss Mary.

Today we had a class at Conner Prairie that was all about oxen. Before class we had time to walk around and visit the barn. It was not very crowded today so the boys had lots of up close time with the pony, cow, and goat. They both love to pet, brush, and talk to the animals. You would never know they do not have any pets, they are so brave and not afraid at all. The class was so cute today. We read The Ox Cart Man, one of my personal favorites from my teaching days, and the kids made a little ox cart. While the story was being read they filled their cart with everything that was listed in the story. Baylor did great listening and putting everything in all on his own. I can tell he is so much older than when we did these classes last year. We then headed outside to watch the farmer with Red and Blue the two oxen on the prairie. The farmer hooked them up the ox cart and then the kids loaded the cart with wood and walked it to the Inn where they unloaded. It was so fun and Baylor thought it was great. Cooper kept calling them "horses", just a tad bit bigger. We had a great time and enjoyed our day outside.

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