Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playdoh and Carpet

Baylor helped pick up all the scraps.
He wanted to watch and check it all out.
He was singing Happy Birthday.
He loves playdoh.
Cooper worked so hard and long with the playdoh.

This morning we hurried home from Bible study to wait for the carpet man. They called this morning and said they could lay the carpet in the baby's room today. I knew the boys would want to watch so I thought playdoh would be a good distraction. Cooper played at the table for over two hours and Baylor played off and on the entire time. He was able to watch and "help" the man a little. The man was so nice to Baylor and told him all about his special carpet laying tools. Baylor wants to know about everything and is always asking questions. The carpet looks good and we are one step closer to finishing the room for our new little one. I can't wait for the furniture and bedding to get here!

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