Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Party

Baylor and the birthday girl.
Coop loved his lunch but I forgot a bib so he wore a towel.
Jen and her presents.
He was swinging with Andy.
Before the party we worked on getting some baby items out of the attic. Cooper and Baylor were trying out the bouncy seats.

August is a busy birthday month in our family. We celebrated three family birthdays today after church. Sarah's real birthday is today and she turned 12! I can hardly believe she is that old. She is such a sweet girl and the boys are in love with her and think she is the best. We also celebrated Uncle Jeff's and Jenny's special day today too. We had a great lunch that Katie and Adam made, it was yummy. I loved the garlic salad! The boys had fun playing and Cooper was asleep in the car within minutes on the way home. It was a great party.

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