Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our last night with Joe.
Mom with the John Strong home.
This store was great!
This Christmas store is huge and had great displays.
There were lots of crazy people at the street fair.
This bridal store was so neat. They restore old wedding dresses and some of them are over a hundred years old. You would definitely have a one of a kind dress.
Dad loved the lasagna.
Look at the portion size.
The restaurant where Bobby Flay came for a throw down. "Are you ready for a throw down?"
I was in tomato heaven.
The flowers at the farmer's market were gorgeous.
Megan loves sunflowers. They were huge!

We woke up early this morning and left for Vermont. It was a really pretty drive and thankfully less windy and hilly. It was a beautiful day outside and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. Vermont is somewhere I would definitely visit again for a longer period of time. The landscape is lovely and many of the towns are so quaint and full of history. We went in lots of cute shops and to two great farmer's markets. The produce was so pretty. I bought a pint of cherry tomatoes and popped them like candy, eating all of them by myself. I love tomatoes and these were delicious. Everything was so fresh and just looked great. Pop had researched a restaurant in Burlington Vermont that was the scene of a Bobby Flay Throw down. With the help of the Garmin we found it without any trouble. The chef was famous for his lasagna so we all tried it and the meal was fabulous. The restaurant has been there for over sixty years and it is family owned. After eating we went to a street market with lots of shops and vendors. It was so fun. On our way back we stopped at a few farm stores and everything was delicious. We also went on a house tour of the John Strong home that was built in 1790. The house had so many antiques and was lovely. It was a great day and lots of fun in Vermont. When we made it back to Schroon Lake we met Joe for dinner and ice cream before driving to our hotel in Albany by the airport. It was so nice to spend time with Joe. I miss him so much and love being around him. I only wish he was going to be closer this school year. I know the boys are going to miss seeing their Joe Joe. He is a great little brother!

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