Friday, July 31, 2009

Lake Placid and Cinderella

Ice cream to celebrate a great performance!
The theatre has a cute little porch.
Mom and Dad with Joe before the show. They are so proud.
We were all happy to see him before the show.

The rehearsal hall at the colony, the picture turned out a little blurry.
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on team it's bobsled time!
Hanging out in the rain by Lake Placid.
One of the cute stores we stopped at and the place where I bought the boys the bears. The couple restored the property and own 72 acres and a mountain. They were so interesting.

Joe and Megan at breakfast.

Joe had some free time this morning right after rehearsal so we met him for breakfast at a local diner in Schroon Lake that reminded me of Cafe 52. It felt just like home. We had a tasty breakfast and enjoyed spending time with our Joe. He had rehearsal and a voice lesson so he had to get back to Seagle. We got back in the car for our long drive to Lake Placid. What a windy hilly drive. I was feeling a little queasy in the backseat and was so happy to finally get out of the car when we stopped at some shops on our way. It was a rainy day but it did not hinder our plans. At Lake Placid we saw the venues for the 1980 Olympic games and the ski jumps were amazing. I could get nervous just looking at how tall they were, people are crazy. We went in lots of shops and toured the area. It was neat to see and looks like the perfect ski town. Luckily there was no snow on the ground. After our day we headed to the hotel to get ready for the main event, Cinderalla. Joe had the leading role in Cinderella as Prince Charming. We were all so excited to see him. We were able to tour the Colony before the show. Seagle Music Colony is the oldest summer singer training program in the country and was founded in 1915. Each year there are over 1,000 applicants and 32 students were selected for this summer season. The show was fabulous and Joe did an awesome job. He truly is amazing! After the wonderful show we got ice cream with Joe and were able to talk to him. This was his final performance so he was relieved and very happy.

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