Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love for Mimi

Playing at the mall.
What a silly face.
Passing the time outside while waiting for Mimi to call.
Best brothers.

This morning we woke up to rainy gray skies so swimming was cancelled for the day. We decided to go shopping with Mimi. We needed to get some birthday presents and I had some coupons that I wanted to use before they expired. We did great at Von Maur and the boys had fun playing in the kids department while we checked out the sale items. Cooper wanted out of his stroller but I managed to keep him in and he was still able to play. While we were walking to the food court Mimi's eye started to bother her and she had bright lights in her eye. She called the eye doctor and was able to get in this afternoon. Pop came and picked her up at the mall and took her to the doctor. The boys and I finished up and left the mall. Baylor was so worried about Mimi and kept asking about her all the way home. He was also worried because I was driving and Mimi always drives. When we got home Mimi finally called and said she has a retinal tear and needs to have a laser procedure done tomorrow. We are so thankful she went and that they are going to be able to fix the problem right away. We are praying for our precious Mimi and love her so much!

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d_freestone said...

Good Evening Jessie!

Thank you SO much for letting us know about your mom..... I hope her procedure goes well, tomorrow. Did the doctor say what caused this??? I didn't speak with Yvonne, today, but will tomorrow! Know Missy is in our prayers!

I love reading your blog, every day!!