Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunch with Daddy

Going to see Daddy.
Look at his ear.
Lunch is always better when you get to be with Dad.
At night it was still large. Check out the spaghetti sauce on his face.

When we woke up this morning Cooper's ear was huge. It was swollen and bright red from a bug bite. He looked like Will Smith in Hitch. I called Tom and I think he thought I was exaggerating, not that I ever really do. I decided to call the doctor before we left for the day but didn't hear back for quite some time. When we got to Tom's office for lunch he could not believe how big his ear was and said he looked like Dumbo. He thought I should call the doctor back again to talk about the size of his ear. We had a great lunch with Daddy and loved spending extra time with him during the day. After lunch the doctor called and said to give him Benadryl which helped him tremendously and he was much better by morning. We are going to be more careful and have supplied our house with bug spray for the rest of the summer.

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