Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day of Swimming Lessons

Go Baylor!
Look at that little swimmer.
Working on big arms.
Cooper had his eye on the pool.
We walked around the yard several times to pass the time.

We started private swimming lessons for Baylor with Miss Sarah at Mama's pool today. Baylor did not want to go back to the Y and kept making sure it was not at the same place. After going over again and again we were going to Mama's he felt much better. He did great today and really impressed his teacher. I was so proud of him. Mama watched him the whole time and thought he did great too. I was busy keeping Cooper out of the pool so I had to watch most of the time from a distance. Cooper kept saying, "Me Pool Mommy". He wanted to swim so bad but we had errands to run today. After swimming we went with Mimi and then played outside before nap. Tonight we went on a long golf cart ride and went back to the horse farm we went to last night. A lady who boards her horses was there in the pasture and she told us the names of the horses and talked to us a long time. Baylor was so excited and he was a perfect fit in his cowboy outfit. He wore his cowboy outfit and fiesta, his two favorites right now.

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