Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

We all slept in this morning and then had an all American breakfast, McDonald's. Tom took the boys and I was able to sleep a little longer. On their way to get the food they stopped at a firework stand in town and bought a bag of treasures. Baylor was so excited we did a few this morning in our pajamas while it was sprinkling. The rain changed our plans for the day but we had a fun time with plan B. Pop, Daddy, and Baylor went to go see Ice Age during the day and Mimi, Coop, and I went shopping. We had steaks for dinner which Tom cooked perfectly. It was down pouring but we all sat in the garage and watched Tom light some small fireworks. Baylor thinks they are all great and Cooper is scared to death. We had a fun night with our family. We are going to try and go to Conner Prairie tomorrow since it looks like a nicer day.

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