Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun at the River

Hanging out by the shore.
Going on the rescue mission.
A good place to sit and watch.
He was ready to go.
It was fun to throw rocks.
The barge passed by Daddy and Baylor.
Waiting for his turn.
Go Cooper!
We all slept in this morning which was great. When we woke up after 9 Pappaw had started breakfast. Baylor was excited to have pancakes and lots of bacon and Cooper loved the sausage and cinnamon rolls. After eating we headed outside in case the rain was going to come early. It was really nice outside and there was a great breeze. Tom and his dad put the jet skis in the water and both boys went for rides. Baylor was a little apprehensive at first but ended up having a great time. Cooper, our little water baby, loved it from the beginning and kept asking for more. The boys had fun throwing stones in the river and playing by the water. Daddy and Baylor rescued a pretty yellow bird that was stuck in the water and brought it to shore. They went back later to check on the bird and she flew away. Baylor was so happy they saved the bird. The boys went on a long golf cart ride and played outside before we went into town. Madison is such a quaint town with lots of Victorian homes. The shops are cute and it is fun to walk down the streets. We ate lunch in a soda fountain and had a great time. We drove around the town before heading back to the house. During nap time it rained but the sun was back out before we woke up. Tom's dad cooked us a great dinner before we went home. We were able to play outside for a little bit longer before leaving. We all had a great time and really enjoyed our time at the river. Baylor definitely wants to go back!

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