Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party with Maddy and Drew

Yeah for swimming.
Four little cuties.
Enjoying a cool treat.
We love popsicles.
Baylor helping Maddy.
Pizza Pizza!
They were pretending to be dogs in the water and all the food was on the raft.
Two little fishes.

This morning Cooper and I went to bible study and Mimi took Baylor to swimming. The car was packed with all our swimming stuff and Cooper kept saying "me pool". He wanted to swim and he knew we said he was going in the morning. After bible study, which was great, we went to Mama's house. Maddy turned 5 this weekend and we wanted to celebrate with her. Maddy, Drew, and Jack came to swim and eat lunch. We had a yummy pizza lunch and then swam for a long time. The kids had a great time together and the weather was great for swimming. Jack, the angel baby, slept in the shade the entire time. The kids also had yum yums and Maddy opened her present with Baylor's help. We had a fun time at the pool and hope they can come swimming again.

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jamie said...

Maddy played with her gifts after her LONG nap!! thanks so much for a wonderful time and the birthday gift! The kids had so much fun. I loved the pictures. Especially the one of Baylor and Maddy with the popsicles. Their faces are priceless.