Friday, July 10, 2009

At the River

Pretty sunset with a funny smile.
Kind of like the beach.
Happy to go on a ride.
Practicing for the morning.

This evening after our new Internet and At&T uverse were installed we headed to the river for the weekend. I will once again be able to be an active blogger and include pictures, hurray! Tom's parents have a place on the Ohio River in Madison. Baylor thought the drive was really long but was so excited when we were finally here. Tom's dad made us a yummy dinner that was ready when we arrived. We were all starving and Cooper started eating as soon as we put him in his booster. We went on a long golf cart ride and went down by the river. The boys had fun throwing rocks and watching the boats. Baylor had some time to play on the driveway and then do some sparklers on the deck. We are excited to spend time on the river tomorrow and are hoping for sunny weather!

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