Sunday, July 12, 2009

Productive Sunday

He really enjoyed the Dilly Bar.
A Dilly Bar and a cinnamon roll, yummy!
Look at that outfit he picked out to wear. When cowboy meets mouseketeer.

Savoring each bite.
My new favorite dinner lately. I love garlic salad and tombstone pizza.

We got home really late last night and were all tired from a busy day. We got up in time for church and got there just in time. I was really excited about the message today because it was about Esther and went right along with our bible study. I am really enjoying Esther and all I am learning. After breakfast we all headed to our bedroom to finish the master closet. I was so happy to have Tom's help and we finished the major task and even got Tom all moved in to the big closet. I have quite a pile for our garage sale started. We had time to play outside and Mimi came and took us on a ride. We went to the park and played and it was so nice outside. Tonight we went on another ride and played before the bugs sent us in for the night.

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