Thursday, July 23, 2009

Showing Off For Dad

Playing with dad.
Having a snack and watching my brother.
We are so proud!
I'm cute.
Working on my backstroke.

Thanks Miss Sarah for being such a great teacher!

Tonight we had an hour long swimming lesson to make up for the days of morning rains. I was happy to have it at night so Daddy would be able to watch the big man. Baylor was so excited to show Tom all he has learned in class. He did a great job and was worn out after an hour of swimming. He only has one more class and has done such an amazing job. Miss Sarah is an awesome teacher and is so nice to him. He really enjoys her and listens so well and wants to do his best. Cooper did a great job watching and cheering his brother on tonight.


Mis said...

That is awesome! Looks like he really knows what he is doing!

d_freestone said...

Go Baylor!!!! The boys look great! Mimi has some pix for Cooper, on her computer...I couldn't resist!