Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming and a Shot

Working hard during his last class.
He likes to swim on his back.
We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home and Baylor was happy with is blizzard. Cooper ate his whole cone in the car. Ice cream always makes you feel better.
He was telling Baylor about his boo boo.
He wanted to show off his battle wound.

Today turned out a little different than we originally anticipated. Baylor was able to have his final swimming lesson this morning before it started to rain. He did a great job and has learned so much during his lessons with Miss Sarah. We think she is great and did an awesome job with Baylor, our little fish. Last night Cooper started to cough in the night like a seal. When he woke up he sounded wheezy. Since I am leaving in the morning I wanted to get it checked out. He was fine all day yesterday and this came on very quickly. Thankfully I took him to the doctor because he had croup and they gave him a steroid shot. He was not a happy camper and was very upset by the shot. He had a rough afternoon but is doing better tonight. Daddy is going to stay home with him tomorrow so I feel a little bit better about leaving. This is my first time ever away from Cooper so it makes it even harder to know he doesn't feel his best. I am praying that he feels better quickly and that he has a great time with Daddy and Baylor while I am gone.


The Gambrel Family said...

I hope you have a great time on your trip!

That steroid shot will really help little Coop. We are familiar with croup and it does seem to get much better after the first night. I hope he feels better soon!

Austin, Jamie, Madelyn, and Andrew said...

Oh no! I hope Coop gets better quickly. Let me know if I can help out in any way. Enjoy your trip!

Libby said...