Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming and Saving the Princess

All for One and One for All.
So Serious.
Great Job!

He worked on breathing today.
Working on backstroke.
Taking time to smell the flowers.
Checking it all out.

This morning we headed to Mama's house for swimming lessons. We had an hour lesson today to make up for the one day of rain from last week. Baylor did great today in class and really worked on his back stroke. Cooper and I watched him from the family room window and he was clapping for Baylor. It is amazing how good he is doing in just a week. During swimming Cooper and I also walked around the yard and he was busy smelling all the flowers. Baylor has been obsessed with the Mickey Musketeer movie lately. We have watched it in the car for weeks on end and he knows all the words. He always wants to pretend he is playing musketeers and has his brother be the princess. He tells Coop what to do and he says"Okay". He has wanted a costume and has been using his cowboy and having us pretend it is really a musketeer. In cleaning my closet I found one I bought on clearance after Halloween last year so I gave it to him today and he was thrilled. He wants to wear it to nap and all day tomorrow. It is a little hot for that but he looks so cute. He still loves to dress up.

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