Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let the Clean Sweep Begin

The finished product. I could not document the before or during because it was too big of a mess. I want to forget how bad it was!
The first time in our married life that our clothes are hanging in the same closet.

Since we have returned home from Florida I have been making a list of all the things we need to accomplish before the new baby comes at the end of the year. The list truly is overwhelming and some of the projects are bigger than others. This morning I started with the pantry and cleaned out every shelf and the floor. It is amazing how much room we have now. Then we headed up to the master bedroom and started on my closet. This is a huge task and seems like it will never get done. I have taken everything out and sorted it in piles. I am planning on having a garage sale and have lots to get rid off in the near future. The main reason for cleaning out my closet is to make room for Tom. He is currently in the baby's room closet but he is getting kicked out once again. He has asked for two racks so I am doing my best to consolidate. Our next project is to empty the baby's room and start getting it ready. Slowly but surely we are working on our list.

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