Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boo Boo

Hanging out in Mommy's bed.

Poor baby.
While I cleaned the boys played dress up. Here is Peter with several swords. His pants kept falling down because he put so many swords in his pants. He was trying to get Cooper to put his swords in his pants, but the diaper kept getting in the way.

Last night Baylor spent the night with Mimi and Pop since Daddy was out of town. Cooper and I spent the morning trying to catch up on laundry and working around the house. While I was on the phone making reservations with Disney Cooper kept climbing on the fireplace. I was on the phone forever and could not keep him off of the hearth. He finally slipped and fell off the fireplace and scraped his leg. It was really bad and I knew he was hurting. Since I was on the phone it was hard to have him screaming so I quickly got a sucker out of the cabinet and the tears stopped right away. Oh what a little bit of sugar will do to help a wound.

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