Friday, July 24, 2009

Take me to Egypt

My little King Tut.
Baylor and Mimi outside the museum.
Having fun in the tent.
Taking Pop for a ride. Look at his new cheese face.

Going for a ride.
Making a bracelet with Mimi.
Riding on the Nile crocodile.
Buying lots of food in the marketplace.
Sandy goes really fast.
We love the museum.
Do you like my safety goggles.
He loves his Pop!

We went to the Children's Museum today with Mimi and Pop. It was a special treat that Pop was able to go too and the boys were so excited. We were anxious to see the new Egypt exhibit and the King Tut artifacts. The Egypt exhibit had lots for the boys to do and it was so cute. Cooper loved the marketplace and Baylor loved the giant crocodile. Let's just say the King Tut artifacts were not a huge hit with the boys but the rest of us like looking and reading. It is amazing how old the pieces are and how ornate. We did lots of our favorite exhibits too and had a great time. We can't wait to go back again soon.

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d_freestone said...

Hi Jessie!
When Sarah heard that you all were going to the children's museum, she informed me that it was the GREATEST in the world! I loved her comment! She is most excited to be helping w/Baylor when he spends the night at Mimi's in a couple of weeks.
I heard you are going to hear Joe. Have a super duper time! Just think, the boys will be up to their eyeballs with Oreos and McDonalds! Nah, Daddy will do better than that!