Saturday, August 15, 2009

Turtle and Dinner

Tom gave Eli his bottle so Carl and Nicole could eat.
Baylor loves Uncle Carl.
Cooper loved checking out "EI".
The turtle back in the creek.
Right before the release.
Look what Pop brought me, hurray!
Hanging out with the boys at lunch.
While I was at the shower today the boys stayed home with Daddy. They played outside for a little bit but came in after they were dying of heat. Poppy came over with a special surprise. He had been at an auction early this morning and on his way home he found a turtle crossing the road. He brought it home for Baylor in a box. Baylor was so happy to have a pet for the day. He got his box all ready and the turtle sat in between the boys at lunch time. He wanted to keep the turtle but we decided we should release him in the creek in our backyard tonight. We went to dinner with Carl, Nicole, and "EI". He is so cute and is getting bigger. Cooper loved watching him and wanted to know what he was doing. Baylor loves Carl and wanted to sit right by him. When we got home Baylor and Daddy went down to the creek. Baylor carried the turtle there and put him on a rock. He was sad to see him go but thought he would like his new home better. It was a fun surprise for the day that both boys enjoyed.

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