Monday, March 11, 2013

Baylor's New Glasses

On Friday Baylor was fitted for his new glasses.  He tried them on at home and then they went in his backpack for the weekend.  On Sunday night we went over when he needed to wear them at school and the tears started.  He was so upset about the glasses.  I think on Friday he was fine and then when it came time to wear them he wasn't ready.  He was afraid people were going to make fun of him and he kept saying he hated them and he looked terrible.  It broke this Mommy's heart.  We talked about why he needed them and that they would help him.  We also talked about how in the whole big picture this wasn't really a big deal, but to him it was huge.  He cried for over an hour and I think he probably cried himself to sleep.  I was proud of him though because in the morning he was ready to face the day.  We prayed together before he got on the bus.  I want him to know his help comes from the Lord.  I had emailed his teacher and let her know and she made his feel good too.  He ended up having a great day and wore them all day!  He even had them on when he got off the bus.  Day one was a success!
I think he looks awfully handsome with and without his glasses.  He's perfect to me:).

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Diane Freestone said...

He is a handsome young man!