Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Belize with Baylor and Mommy

Belize was a day I was so excited for!  Baylor and Mommy had a special day together.  Our day started with a 90 minute bus ride on a school bus.  It was bumpy and hot but I had brought UNO so we played the whole ride.  When we got there we have a traditional Belizean lunch.  Baylor wasn't too sure about the lunch but I was able to get him a bag of Cheetos and a Coke!  Then it was time for our adventure.
We were going Cave Tubing and Ziplining.
We were in the group that went tubing first.  We had to wear a life vest and a helmet with a head lamp.  This is serious business.
This is the part that Baylor was nervous about!  He was afraid of what may be in the cave:).
Don't we look cute?

Carrying his tube.
Love him!
The journey in the cave was treacherous.  You had to duck and climb through very tight spots.
The water was cold.
Love him!
The guide led us on the tubes and then the last part we swam.  The water was chilly but felt so good.  It was such an awesome experience and Baylor ended up loving it!
Then it was time to change and get ready to zipline.

We were both so excited.  We had 5 platforms and 7 lines to do.  The second line was the longest and so much fun!  It was awesome!
He was so brave!
We had the best time!
Go Baylor!
There he goes.
It was so pretty!
He loved it and wanted to go again!   I can't wait to do it again either.
I will always remember this special day with my big boy!

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