Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Mimi was ready for us on Saturday night.  We were excited to have a fun night together.  She had lots of colors for the boys!
She hard boiled 6 dozen eggs so there were plenty to go around!
Parker loved all the colors.
Coop liked writing on his eggs with the magic crayon.
Parker had some messy hands.
Two pretty eggs.
Pop and Park.
Baylor was busy making multi-colored eggs.
Daddy was in on the fun too!
Sawyer holding an egg.
Sawyer wanted to make his egg pink.
My big boy.
Love all the colors.
Go Pop!
Such pretty colors!
We had lots of eggs!  The boys even ate lots along the way.  They all love hard boiled eggs, well at least the white part:).
Sweet boy.
While we were waiting on the pizza Parker played with Daddy.
I think they did great.
We were ready for Easter!

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