Friday, March 8, 2013

InstaFriday: March 8

It's March!
One of my favorite months.  The weeks are flying by which means warmer weather will be here soon!
 1. I find myself taking sleeping Sawyer pictures all the time.  More and more I just want to stop and soak him in, I love having a baby.  Seeing him so big in the pack n play almost takes my breath away.
2. Little bunny.
3. Bax got the empty peanut butter jar to lick clean and he was in heaven!
4. Making a meal for someone at church, he's my helper.
5. Sweet pea.
6. Riding at the mall.
7. Worn out.
8. Love his lips.
9. Look Mom, "It's Justine Beaver".  He wanted his picture next to him and he tried to stand just like him.

 1. Waiting for the bus.
2. Sitting up all by himself.
3. Anyway who says Terrible 2's, has not had a 3 year old.  He's had lots of grouchy days lately.  He needs to get outside!
4. Baylor's painting.
5. Baylor's drawing.
6. My Bible Verse for March 1.
7. Sleeping Saw.
8. Coop hanging with the girls at basketball.
9. Looking for a laundry fairy.
 1. Park watching the game.
2. Eating is tiring.
3. Tom gave me an early birthday present, new sunglasses.
4. My snuggle bug.
5. Baklava with a candle.
6. My candle helper.
7. All ready for our birthday.
8. Playing.
9. Parker the chef!
 1. I love this boy!
2. The boys decorated for my birthday.  When I got home from dinner with my friends the house was all ready.
3. They were so proud!
4. Pretty cake.
5. Coop's card.
6. Presents.
7. Sawyer and Sharmin.
8. They came over to celebrate our birthday.
9. Sawyer likes Mecwan.
1. Love this boy!
2. Parker painting.
3. Playing an alphabet game with my favorite five year old.
4. Coop painting flowers, he's ready for spring too!

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