Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daddy and Coop in Belize

In Belize Daddy and Coop had a special trip together.  They were going on a city tour and air boat ride.  When they first got off the ship they had lunch.  You had to take a 20 minute tender ride and they were hot so they were ready for a cold drink.

Coop with the pirate.
Up first was the city tour.  He clearly found it awesome and couldn't stand the excitement.
But then he was ready for the air boat tour.  Up first crocodiles!
Big ones!
Daddy and Coop.
They had to wear headphones.  He thought they were big for his head.
He was ready!
Thumbs up!
On the water.
I would not want to go swimming there!

He loved it.
He loved spending the day with his Daddy.  He bought this shirt in the market and wanted to put it on right away.

A windy ride.
Feeding the crocs.
Well Hello there.

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