Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Busch Gardens

Wednesday was another chilly day!
We decided to spend the day at Busch Gardens.  It was only a 20 minute drive from our hotel which was nice.  I hadn't been here since I was little so I was excited too!
We were excited to explore the park.
Sawyer took a nap right out of the gate!
Seeing E.B.
We watched a fun animal show.  It was neat to see how they train different animals and the tricks they can do.
The Kangaroo and Wallaby exhibit was neat and we were there at feeding time so the boys got to feed them.

So cute!
Coop loved the animals.
Park took a nap too!
There is a whole Elmo area filled with kids rides.  Parker loved it!
Grover's Roller Coaster.
The  big boys had fun too.
Park was so excited to see Elmo!
Dragon Boats.
This was one of Baylor's favorite rides.  He is brave and loved all the big roller coasters.
There were lots of big roller coasters that Miss Sarah and Baylor went on so Coop did some waiting but he made the best of it.  We had got fast passes for the big rides and it was so worth it!
Fun times.
We stayed until the park closed at 7 and then ate dinner and headed back to the hotel.  Coop was exhausted and was asleep within second for laying down.

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