Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Saturday afternoon I had a special date with these handsome boys!
For my birthday Mimi took us to the Mad Hatter tea party.
Cooper was excited for the sweets.
The Mad Hatter passed out mustaches to all the little boys.  Park didn't know what to think.
The White Rabbit brought lemonade to those who didn't want a spot of tea.
The tea was held at The Villa downtown and was so well done.  The decorations were adorable.
Parker loved the Door Mouse.  He thought he was the best.
He had so much fun.  I was worried how he would do but he loved it and had a great time.
Coop and Alice.

We had so much fun.  They loved seeing the different characters and everyone picked what character they want to be when we go to Disney in October.  We are going as Alice characters, so fun!
Eat Me!  Not a problem for this sweet lover.
The White Rabbit played games and had riddles.  The kids got little trophies when they won, he was so excited.

Parker and the Door Mouse.  He wants to be the sleepy Door Mouse.
The Queen of Hearts.
So cute!
Love this 3 year old!
The Queen is gone!
Mimi and Mommy with the Queen.
Having a parade, the Queen is gone!!!

Thank you Mimi for such a fun day!