Saturday, March 9, 2013

Preschool Carnival

Saturday morning was the preschool carnival.
Parker was excited, I love how he says carnival.  We saw Eli there too!
Coop couldn't wait.  Right away he was on the hunt for the goldfish game.  He wanted to win fish!
Ryker and Cooper.
Baylor had fun too.  He was busy winning!
Can't believe this is his last year of preschool, he's so ready for kindergarten.  I'm not ready for him to be gone all day!  I love having him home!
Go Coop.
Park spent lots of time in the bounce house.
Digging for dino eggs.
Hunting for bugs.  The games are all perfect for preschool aged children.
Baylor loved the basketball!
Park making a sand art necklace.

A mini duck pond.
Angry Bird toss and Jen working the game.
There's Miss Amy too!
He loved the treasure box game.
Park won two fish!
Coop ended up with three fish and Baylor and Park both won two.
Coop and Mrs. Steele.
Ethan and Park, they weren't in a group pic mood.
What a fun carnival and they all couldn't wait to spend their tokens and pick out their treasures.  So thankful for such a great preschool with a loving staff!

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Amy Brown said...

How many of your fish are still alive? We went home with two and one was gone by Sunday morning before church. Cowie (yes, that is his name!??!) is still swimming! :-)