Friday, March 22, 2013

More Rays and Snorkeling

The site for our excursion in Cozumel was so pretty.

A big stingray in the water.

Getting all their gear.
Feeding the stingray squid.
Armed and ready with our squid.
They were swimming all around us.
Ready to snorkel.
Coop is a great swimmer but I wasn't sure how he would do snorkeling.  I was prepared to get out of the water with him and watch Daddy and Baylor but he was awesome!  He loved it and had no problems at all.
There were so many fish and stingrays.  We stayed by the guide and he would go down and point out the baby stingrays and get them to swim around.  It was so neat.
Lots of fish.
We tried to get a group shot.

Not too bad.
Hi Baylor!
After snorkeling they got to play on the water trampoline.
Then it was time for crab races.  These crabs were huge!!!  Coop was a winner.
He was so excited.
Baylor's crab barely moved, he must have been tired.
Coop got to pick a snack from the snack bar for winning.
Holding the Iguana.
Coop's turn.
Baylor and the bird.
Love Coop's arm.  
After our fun morning we headed back to the boat to get the little boys and Miss Sarah and we all headed to the beach.

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