Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Tuesday was our first day to be at port.  We were in Roatan Honduras.  
We were excited for a fun day together.  We went on an excursion to Guambilana Park and the beach.
We let the boys help pick all the excursions and this one was the one they really wanted because you could hold monkeys!
These brave boys walked across the pirate bridge.

Lots of Green Iguanas.
On the long pirate bridge.  Mommy and Sawyer took the short cut:).
Holding a Scarlet Macaw.
Parker kept thinking Diego was going to pop up any second!

Sawyer isn't sure.
Miss Sarah.
Then it was time to hold the monkeys.  Coop with the Monkey Diego.
How cute!!!!

Baylor's turn.
They were eating sunflower seeds.
Parker was so excited!!!!
He was so happy.
Love this!
Miss Sarah.
Sawyer's turn.
Even Daddy held the monkey.

All of the boys loved this.
Then you got to go the monkey playground area and they would hop on your shoulder.
All of the boys.
Park being brave.
He liked Baylor.

Then they took us to the beach for a bbq beach lunch and time to swim and play.
The water was so pretty.
Such a pretty day.
Baylor on the jump pillow.
Sawyer's toes.
Coop in the air.
Sawyer loved the water.
This is the big boy that launched Coop.  They all loved Coop.
The big slide.

They had the best time!

Nap time!
The kids ate in the kid's cafe for dinner.
They loved the little tables and chairs and wanted to eat every meal here.
Tom and I were able to go to dinner at the Steakhouse on board and have a fun dinner together.  Such a great first port day!

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Diane Freestone said...

It looked like such a FUN time!!