Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Days...

Today was U show and tell at school.  He couldn't wait to bring his umbrella.
Parker was a little grumpy, we were trying to bounce his bad mood right out!
After preschool we went to Target and MCL with Mimi.  Life with boys is never dull!!!  While in line at MCL, Parker got stuck in between two metal bars and I went to pull him out.  Right away he started to cry that his arm hurt and he wouldn't move it and was holding it.  This went on all of lunch and he wouldn't move it or let me touch it.  So I called our doctor whose office was right across the street from Target and she told me to come right over.  Thankfully he had dislocated his elbow and she was able to pop it right back in.  Within minutes he was better and moving it all around.  Thank goodness!
It's also March 1 which means one thing in our small town, Frosty Boy is open!  It's a sign of spring, hurray.
First cone of the season.
Pineapple whip for me, my favorite.

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