Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bakery Class

 There is an Italian bakery here that is one of our favorite spots.  The cannolis are my absolute favorite!  I could eat a dozen and be in a true sugar shock.  For the past two summers Baylor has taken a bakery class there.  He didn't want to go all week this year since his time here was shorter but he decided to go for three days.  Today was his first day.

 First thing he had to decorate his apron.
Case after case of tasty treats!
All ready.
 Today they made lasagna for lunch and two different cakes.  This was a rainbow sponge cake and he made a white cake with raspberry filling.  He also made cupcake cones.
We all enjoyed eating his treats for dessert after lunch.  
He was a little upset that the icing smeared on the box, but we assured him it still tasted great!

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