Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy 10 Months Sawyer!

 Today you are 10 months old!  In just two short months you will be one, I can hardly believe it!  You are such a sweet sweet baby.  We are so blessed by you and your precious life.  You have had a big month.
 You started crawling at the beach!  I can't think of any place better to start being mobile than at my happy place.  You are so proud and love playing by the water and in the sand.  It's so cute to watch your crawl across the sand.  You also started to stand in the pack n play.  
 You've started to play peek a boo and have the best giggle each time we see your face when we play.  You love it when we sing songs to you and love to watch your brothers play.  You always laugh so hard when they are around.  You love them all.
 You are still nursing three to four times a day and mainly eat baby food.  You have tried some other things and like pretty much anything.  You did have your first Popsicle and you love them!
 You love the water and just splash and play in the ocean and the pool.
 You usually still take two naps a day.  You just moved up to a big boy car seat and you like sitting up!  You are mainly wearing 18 and 24 month clothes and size 5 diapers.  You still wake up at night, but hey you can't be perfect all of the time right!
Sawyer Joseph we are all crazy about you and love you so much!

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