Monday, June 3, 2013

Baylor's Last Regular Season Game

All games were canceled on Saturday because of the heavy rain the night before and into the morning.  That left lots of make up games to get in before the tourney started later in the week.  We had to play the final regular season game to determine the bracket.  Before this game the Giants and the Reds were tied for first place, which meant it was a big game.  However, I wanted to make sure Baylor just had fun!
Go Baylor!
Up at bat.
Park spent the game playing with Katie who came to the game with Pappaw.  Coop had VBS and Mimi took him.  It was a busy night.
Playing catcher.

 A busy 3 year old at a 2 hour game makes for a long night.
 Three year olds are busy and crazy and non stop but I know I'm going to miss him being little like this!
Of course Sawyer was an angel!
He's a great catcher!
The Giants lost:(, but that also means we are runner ups for the season and are ready for the tourney.
Love this baby and his blue eyes!

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