Monday, June 17, 2013

Baylor's First Day at the Beach

 Daddy and Baylor made it to the beach on Sunday afternoon.  We were all so happy to see them.  Park kept asking how many more until he would see Baylor.  He likes his people to be all together.
 We were up out and early at the beach because Daddy had the morning with us before he had to leave for a work trip to Vegas:(.
 The weather was perfect again!
 Park is loving the ocean.  He's still not a fan of the big waves but he has the best time playing in the water.
 Wave rider.
 Coop has some serious skim board skills.  I am certain if we lived by the ocean he would be a surfer dude.  His personality fits the surfer type too.  Maybe we should move!!!
 Baylor was so happy to be at the beach.
 Playing ball in the water with Daddy.
This dude went from not crawling at home to being on the 
 Keeping a hat on is a constant battle.  He is forever pulling it off and I'm putting it right back on.
 He is loving the beach!

 Playing with the sea weed.
 I'm so happy he's here.
 My little surfer.
Baylor was a little apprehensive to get on his board at first after watching Coop but once he got on he did great too.  He likes to the best at everything and I think his brother may have him beat:).

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