Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fun

Daddy got in early Friday morning from Las Vegas.  We were all so happy to see him when we woke up on Friday morning.  He worked from the condo in the morning.  Baylor had his last day of bakery class and we hit the beach.  Coop worked hard on this castle creation.  He collected sticks, seaweed, and shells.  He had the best time.
Hard at work.
Another great day at the beach.  This view is always my favorite.  This really is my home away from home and my happy place.  
He was on the hunt for mermaids.  Unfortunately we didn't find any.
Another shot.
Sawyer had fun crawling in the sand and eating a little too.
He's had the best time at the beach.  He loves crawling by the water.
On the move.
I am soaking up the time with him this summer.  I am going to miss him terribly in the fall.
Great Job Coop!  After the beach we ate lunch and then Daddy and Baylor joined us at the pool to swim.

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