Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skim Boarding Brothers

Baylor was ready to work on skim boarding this morning.  The sky and water is truly breathtaking.  I can never get enough of this view.  I often dream of it during the year, especially in the winter!
We went to the Beach Bizarre after dinner last night and the boys got new boards.  The old ones were warped and they were eager to get new ones.

Coop gets low.
Coop's new board.
Get low.
Skim boarding brothers.
It's fun to watch them.
Headed out to jump in the waves.
Ready to snorkel.

He loves to snorkel too.
Looking for cocina shells.  I love to find them too and watch them dig in the sand as the water goes back and forth at the shore.
Park found some.
Kenzie and Kayla are here this week too and they brought their boards out and were skim boarding with the boys.  Their mom said Coop inspired them to give it a try.
Baylor was doing great.
And he's off!

Sawyer liked watching too.
Watching the waves.
Love him!
So happy!
He loves playing by the shore.
More great memories at the beach!

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Emily said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! :-)