Monday, June 24, 2013

Snack Time

Daddy had to work during the day but we were thankful we were able to see him in the evening.  The boys have loved having snack time at the beach.  They make sure to pack up before we head out for the morning.  The umbrella shade is perfect for a little break.
Cheetos for my cheese face boy!
Taking a break.
He took a nap every day at the beach!  Such a great beach baby.
Making a sand creation.
Such a good boy!
Coop's castle.
Love these boys.
Throwing some food to the birds.
Park didn't want to get too close.
After lunch we headed to the pool to swim and cool off.
Working on his dive.
He's a fish.
They were happy because they went with Mimi during nap and were headed to Davidson's Drugs.  They love to shop there.  Enjoying all of our days at the beach!

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